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Who We Are

Before taking its client facing technology to market, Dorado focused on building one of the largest healthcare networks in the nation. This industry leading foundation of direct connections to Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial carriers supports a wide platform of EDI offerings.

As an approved Network Service Vendor (NSV) and Health Information Handler (HIH), Dorado is one of only a few vendors directly attached to Medicare’s network, providing secure connectivity solutions to various hosts and applications.

Today, Dorado’s primary focus is on maintaining efficient communication between providers and payers, allowing information to be exchanged quickly and easily. Through simplified APIs, secure network connections, complete workflow tools and seamless integration, Dorado is using its years of proven healthcare expertise to improve operations and reduce cost for providers, vendors and payers across the nation.


Our mission is to be our client’s most trusted partner with a commitment to excellence, respect and integrity.  We work tirelessly to reduce healthcare costs by relieving the administrative burdens on healthcare providers.  The work we do in Healthcare EDI makes a genuine difference to thousands of facilities across the nation, allowing their resources to be focused on quality patient care.


We listen carefully to our clients and to our partners.  We act ethically, honestly and compassionately in all that we do.  We are loyal to our clients, our partners, ourselves and our team members.  We willingly do what must be done to assist each other.  We accomplish that with which we hold ourselves accountable.

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