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Executive Team

Edward Kennedy

Chief Executive Officer
Edward Kennedy

Ed brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and a deep understanding of the challenges healthcare providers and payers face today. As the founder of Dorado Systems, he works tirelessly to diminish those challenges for his clients.

Ed has worked as a consultant at both Pennsylvania Health Care System and Price Waters Coopers, with a focus in healthcare revenue cycle management. During this time, Ed developed a vast knowledge base in specialty processing and engineering. Through this experience, he recognized the opportunities inherent to simplifying healthcare billing processes. In 1999, Ed's ambition to streamline healthcare processing led him to create the Kennedy Group, which specialized in healthcare billing services.

By remaining abreast of the changing healthcare landscape and relentlessly pursuing industry thought leadership, Ed and his team were able to take the business to a new level - with the creation of Dorado Systems. Ed's mission to simplify healthcare EDI has been the driving force behind Dorado Systems ongoing success.

Ed has a Bachelor's Degree in Business from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Michael Matt

Chief Operating Officer
Michael Matt

As the Chief Operating Officer, Mike has full oversight and management of all of Dorado's finances and daily operations, including product development, implementation and customer support.

Mike's extensive background includes over 15 years in healthcare finance at some of the Philadelphia region's largest and most prestigious facilities. Mike's in-depth knowledge of provider reimbursement processes for home health, DME and skilled nursing facilities has helped propel Dorado Systems to the forefront of the Healthcare EDI industry.  

Michael Matt is a proud graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey with a degree in Business Management.

Paul W. Yauger

Chief Revenue Officer
Paul W. Yauger

As Chief Revenue Officer, Paul’s executive management responsibilities in marketing and sales include delivering sales team leadership, driving revenue opportunities, and leading strategic product development and optimization for Dorado Systems.

Paul joined Dorado with 15+ years of experience in sales, engineering and supporting technology solutions for payers, vendors and providers throughout North America.

Prior to joining the team at Dorado Systems, Paul served as Vice President over the sales and business development team at IVANS Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, including data networking, and multi-carrier EDI for eligibility and claims management. His role was instrumental to the growth and success of the company, ultimately leading to its acquisition.

He has an award winning sales record and as an industry leader, has also been honored to be a speaker at national conferences. Paul’s ability to negotiate complex, customized contracts under deadline, without ever compromising his strong commitment to customer service, has led to success for both him and his clients.

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