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Approximately 25% of all healthcare claims are denied. Nearly half of these are due to eligibility issues, including accounts incorrectly labeled as “self pay”, when valid insurance coverage is actually available. doradoRecover can help you identify this coverage before moving to collection. Coupled with dorado Insurance Validator or through automated batch processing, doradoRecover has enabled healthcare providers, collection agencies and revenue recovery vendors to reclaim millions of dollars from insurance companies for claims at risk of being written off as bad debt.

Key Features
  • Batch verification for multiple patients across more than 600 payers via a fully automated process
  • Custom search queries and reports to manage only the information needed
  • Upload through automated FTP processes and receive responses in your preferred file format or manage exceptions through our web-based portal
Key Benefits
  • Flexible billing models – per patient; per transaction; or per recovered revenue – help save money while generating income
  • Reduce collection costs, directly and administratively, by correctly identifying coverage to avoid writing off bad debt.

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