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With Medicare’s focus on outcome-based reimbursement, professional providers across the country are being required to search for ways to help their staff operate more efficiently. dorado Services for Professional Providers help you maximize reimbursement through powerful eligibility verification tools and direct connections to various Medicare applications for claims management.

Medicare claims are often suspended for various reasons and it’s important to know the status of your claims at all times. By connecting directly to Medicare’s PPTN application right through your existing internet connection and web-browser, you can easily verify the status of all of your claims to ensure payment as quickly as possible.

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This fully web-based workflow application for eligibility verification is unrivaled in the industry. With customized user profiles and reports built specifically for Physician Practices, this powerful tool eliminates time consuming manual processes and provides you with the data you need. Take control of your reimbursements now.

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Say good-bye to outrageous transaction fees, and eliminate the burden of managing multiple vendor and payer connections. Hook up to the nation’s largest network of direct payer connections through a single API. Our unparalleled real-time eligibility solution easily integrates right into your existing software.

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We all know that collections can be costly – not just the potentially lost revenue, but in the time consuming process of hunting down outstanding balances. Let us show you how we’ve helped other professional providers recover millions of dollars from insurance companies before ever going to collections.

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You’ve probably been paying too much for too long for a direct connection to the nation’s largest payer. As an Approved Network Service Vendor for Medicare, we connect you directly to all of the Medicare applications you need through a single, secure, low cost and easy to implement solution.

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