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As an Approved Network Service Vendor, we offer a secure connection, allowing you to maintain your direct trading partner relationship with Medicare. We understand that many of our clients are well versed in managing their own claims and eligibility processes and we don’t intend to interfere with that. Connecting you directly to all Medicare applications, doradoDirect is a true Network Service Vendor solution.

Key Features
  • Direct access to all Medicare Administrative Contractors for unlimited claims transactions via FTP
  • Direct access to CMS Enterprise Data Centers for unlimited DDE/FISS, CSI and PPTN sessions
  • Direct access to HETS (HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System) for unlimited eligibility verification
  • Site-to-Site IPSec VPN tunnel, which leverages your existing equipment and internet connection
Key Benefits
  • Maintain your direct trading partner relationship with CMS ensuring timely submission and responses
  • Plan your budget more easily with a fixed monthly fee.
  • Improve your margins by increasing your claims, but not your cost, with our unlimited transaction model

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