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dorado for Home Health

At a turning point in the industry with so much focus on Post-Acute-Care, Home Health Agencies are treating more patients than ever. We’ve worked closely with agencies of all sizes to develop dorado Services for Home Health which have ave transformed time consuming manual tasks into dynamically productive workflows.

This fully web-based workflow application for eligibility verification is unrivaled in the industry. A complete workflow tool for all-payer insurance benefits can help you ensure payment for the care you provide, up-front, and throughout the care continuum.

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Just about every institutional provider uses DDE in some way and we know it’s critical to your business. But there’s no reason to have to pay excessive fees. Not only is it a breeze to get setup, we promise to help you cut costs. Our simple, secure and fully web-based interface requires no additional hardware or software and we’ll have you up and running in less than a day.

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You’ve probably been paying too much for too long for a direct connection to the nation’s largest payer. As an Approved Network Service Vendor for Medicare, we connect you directly to all of the Medicare applications you need through a single, secure, low cost and easy to implement solution.

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Say good-bye to outrageous transaction fees, and eliminate the burden of managing multiple vendor and payer connections. Hook up to the nation’s largest network of direct payer connections through a single API. Our unparalleled real-time eligibility solution easily integrates right into your existing software.

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We all know that collections can be costly – not just the potentially lost revenue, but in the time consuming process of hunting down outstanding balances. Let us show you how we’ve helped Home Health Agencies recover millions of dollars from insurance companies before ever going to collections.

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